Secured Party/Creditor Webinars

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Step by Step process on Secured Party filings. Learn how to become a Secured Party and privatize your life. The Secured Party is your first step to entering the private commercial world.



I am making these videos available again due to popular demand. I made these videos over the years of teaching Secured Party. It contains a multitude of examples and live question and answer from participants. If you really want to see the raw information regarding Secured Party as taught by Yusef EL then these are the webinars for you!

Over 50 hours of videos and docuemnts
Step by Step filing instructions
Videos with explanations
And much much more!

You will receive a link to your Dropbox download after your purchase that you will have continuous access to. It is suggested that you download everything in the Dropbox to your computer so you will always have it.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Owner of Private Side Solutions, LLC. and High-Frequency Radio Network.

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