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  1. Joseph



    Greetings Brother Yusef,
    I have contacted you numerous times by email and phone but got no response. I will now try a reply. This is regarding order #3028 from April 24th -Secured Party Ultimate Package-for which I have never been able to access any of the webinars. Admittedly , I did get the pdf, but I get Error 404 every time I try to download the webinars…..Please help

    Secondly, I purchase order #3135-ABCs of Secured Party on June 21, but cannot download it. Please help me out. Apart from that I watch your youtube videos as much as I can and love the info. Please keep up the good work.
    Jack T.

  3. collette dotson

    Good afternoon & Happy Fathers Day!!!!
    I really need ur help! I can not access any of my messages thru PSS, nor can I figure out how to actually purchase or download anything because of the “Page Not Found” problem :-/

    I NEED to purchase and learn EVERYTHING u have to offer!!!! I have so many people around here in URGENT NEED OF YOUR KNoWLEDGE and Guidance!!!!



  4. Joseph

    If you purchased it some time ago the link is no longer available. All webinars have been placed on the SPC website. I am phasing out sending dropbox links. Everyone was told on their purchase to download the materials to their computer from Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud storage and there is no guarantee it will be up forever. When you purchase the webinar it is yours and all material is available for download.

  5. Brandt

    YusefEl, I looked for the link (I have sent you a link to your purchase.) you mentioned but I don’t see an email and I get a “404 PAGE NOT FOUND” when I click on my mail icon on the left panel. Other links tell me I do not have proper membership level. Sorry for being a pain but I am excited to get started.

  6. Ameer El Bey

    Hey Joseph Im having issues accessing the SPC Ultimate Package

  7. Joseph

    I have sent you a link to your purchase.

  8. Brandt

    Who do I contact about issues with the site?

  9. MaReese


    Let’s get “IT”

  10. Julie Bvocik

    Hi Joseph, Thank you for the video’s, very good.

  11. Brian Connors

    Peace god brothers and sisters I truly appreciate all the great info provided on a daily basis

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