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I have been studying law for about 30 years as a hobby. I used to believe, as so many so-called Patriots have, that the “government” and “attorneys” and “judges” are doing things wrong and violating the law and the “constitution”. How ignorant I was. I was like the people of Jerusalem when the prophets were telling the people and the king of Jerusalem that YHWH loved the people of Judah who were slaves to the King of Babylon better than YHWH loved the people of Jerusalem who were fighting against the King of Babylon. The old way of believing that “the “patriots” of Jerusalem were more loved by YHWH than the slaves of Babylon” was before I got a clue and understood the prophets. Then I was a “child” mind. Now I believe that YHWH in heaven is bringing my mind more in line as a man.

Everything is backwards in the public sector because of the financial reorganization that has been ongoing since the beginning of America as a nation.. The public world fthis world), not the private world (the world), is operating just like the Scripture states in 1 Corinthians 13:9-12. It says: “The reason is [that we are loosing the gifts of prophecy, speaking different languages, and knowledge- this means you] that our ability to prophesy are not perfect. But when perfection comes [the understanding of what is love – is this what motivates you?], the things that are not perfect [reasonable- comprehensible and easily understood in terms of logic] will end. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child [I refused to grow up intellectually and smell the roses]. When I became a man [I learned what is love and practiced it to my fellow man], I stopped those childish ways [believing God’s agents are wrong]. It is the same with us. Now we see a dim reflection, as if we were looking into a mirror [an unclear vision that is backwards- right is left and left is right], but then we shall see clearly. Now I know only a part, but then I will know fully, as God has known me.”

In this pattern, I want to share something with you, for those with vision. Government, attorneys, and judges are not your enemy. You are your own worst enemy because you do not understand the law, which is the commands of YHWH.

A number of people I am working with have been offered an attorney by the courts in which the strawmen of these people have been charged with criminal “charges”. Now understand, there is supreme court rulings that “people” cannot be put in prison for the crimes of the strawman if the people have not been offered legal counsel at criminal proceedings. Therefore, judges almost always offer the “charged entity” the assistance of legal counsel from a licensed attorney if there is a chance of one of the people being jailed after the conviction of the strawman.

Since the “government” and the public are in a financial reorganization, the public and the “government” have no commercial energy to “execute” on any criminal charges. They can make “no claim”. However, they do have powers in admiralty/maritime-equity. These powers come from the consent of the governed. This means the people standing behind the charged strawman. These execution powers in equity come from the acts of contempt by people who do not give honor to the public and governmental proceedings. Everyone who goes to jail on sentance is there of his own permission- which comes from contempt or dishonor.

When the court offers one the services of an attorney, this offer is a commercial draft. The court is the drawer- which is the debtor. The offeree- the “patriot”, is the creditor or the drawee. He is the banker which can honor the court by acceptance. To fail to accept the offer is to go into dishonor. To go into dishonor is a contempt. This makes the “patriot” a debtor to the court, which empowers the court, by voluntary consent, to carry out the execution of a “charge”, that is not supported by the rules of evidence, as if it were a common law conviction. The prison sentance is for contempt of court by dishonor. The length of the sentence is the sentence for the crime if the public and the government, under their disability of reorganization, would have the power of common law execution, which they do not except that you give it to them by your dishonor.

Because of the above process, many wise “patriots” whose strawmen are charged in the public courts now accept the offer of the public attorney or defender. This creates an honorable relationship between the people and the government, judges, and attorneys. It also makes the patriot the creditor in the situation, if the patriot knows how to act as a creditor.

One who has been offered an attorney, must accept the offer by written contract. The contract is nothing more the a copy of the written order with an “acceptance for value and return for value” written across it with the “patriots” signature and the EIN- or the exemption identification number, written on it with the date. The original signed and merged agreement is placed back into the clerks file of the proceeding as evidence. There is now an agreement IN FACT and it appears to the public side of the proceeding.

After the agreement IN FACT is established, the “patriot”, being the creditor of the agreement, has the capacity to draft the appointed attorney to carry out whatever honorable functions the “patriot” has for the attorney to address the substance and the procedure of the “charges”. This can be done by the use of a Letter Rogatory.

A Letter Rogatory is a private letter from the clerk or official of one court to the clerk or official of another court. It’s purpose is to direct the second court to take evidence or testimony to resolve some issue between the two jurisdictions.

Get the picture, the “government” and the judges, attorneys, prosecutors, etc., are members of a foreign government with its foreign court. Their government operates a commercial corporation for profit and gain to make a revenue off of persons by confusing people. It is not the government established under the so called authority of “the people”. It has morphed into a foreign military democracy of fictitious persons that is reorganized commercially [bankrupt if it were an individual]. As such, the officials in the courts of this foreign government are basically like “military officials” operating a private “civilian” front organization to conceal its true nature. In any military court, there are no entities permitted to “practice” therein who are not military officers. The judges, prosecutors, attorneys, and other persons in the court are all elected or appointed officials of that quasi-military organization and officers of that foreign court. If you are not an officer, you cannot practice in that foreign court. Why do you as a “patriot” want to go in there and help officiate in that foreign court? You have no standing. If you do go in there, you have “given jurisdiction” by impersonating a military official of that foreign tribunal and “you are not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

So, in order to help officiate the “charges” against the fictitious strawman in their foreign court, you, as a living sole, write a Letter Rogatory to the officers of that court to help them officiate the issue. The letter specifically gives assistance to the appointed attorney so he can help them resolve the created dilemma. A letter, such as the following example, establishes duties for the appointed “attorney” pursuant to your request. Note that the charged entity is a fiction and cannot do anything in his own defense. Also note that the strawman was created by that foreign military venue as their “vessel” of commerce. You did not create her. They are just testing you. Remember in the movie: The Recruit, A1 Pacino’s character, who worked for the CIA stated that everything is a test. Even when you think it is not a test- EVERYTHING IS A TEST! If you screw up, you are in dishonor and failed the test and go straight to execution or punishment for your dishonor.

The foreign court operates under presumptions, assumptions, and conclusions, as do all equity courts. They assume and presume that the living sole is operating the strawman they created for cobusiness profit and gain in the world commercial markets. If this is true, then the living sole immediately comes under the jurisdiction and venue of these equity courts by their assumed cobusiness ventures with a “person”- the strawman, created by their foreign government. It does no good to argue jurisdiction or venue. What part of “no jurisdiction or venue” applies to their strawman and your assumed and presumed commercial actions associated therewith?

The living sole is not a corporation. The living sole has rights, duties, and remedies that can be brought to the foreign court by appropriate procedures. This must be through one of their officers- the attorney. If you accept his appointment for value and establish the agreement in fact in the court record, then the Letter Rogatory is the way to draft this officer to make the appropriate evidence and procedures visible to the foreign court so that the “charges” can be accepted and discharged for closure and settlement.

Here is a typical type of letter.

Mary Jane Doe <Living Sole’s Name>

123 Main Street Anytown, Michigan 4xxxxx


June 1,2003

<Public Defender’s Name>

<Public Defender’s Corp>

<Public Defender’s Address>

<PubIic Defender’s City-State-ZIP>

RE:           Acceptance  of appointment of counsel and request for service IN CASE NO: <2003000xxx>, <Court Name>

Dear Sir:

Please be advised that I humbly accept your appointment as per the court appointment in the STATE OF

MICHIGAN, CASE NO: <2003000xxx>, <Court Name>.

I request that you perform the following on behalf of the undersigned:

  1. Do not argue any facts on the public side of the above matter in behalf of the undersigned. The well pled facts are all true therein and not disputed. To dispute the facts takes away my ability to dispute the substance of the presumptions in Fact.
  2. Represent the undersigned only on the private side of the matter as per my directions herein and any subsequent directions.
  3. Secure for the undersigned a personal appearance bond or personal recognizance bond without public charge and without public fees or costs so that I can plead to the charging instrument as my remedy in this matter in law, not equity.
  4. It is my intent to plead guilty to the facts in the charging instrument and not to controvert any of the well pled facts therein, which are all true.
  5. In return, I request that this court discharge the appearance bond to the undersigned at the termination and closure and settlement of this matter.
  6. I also request that any and all public or private costs, fees, charges, and restitution that might come out of this court as any orders in this matter be discharged by exchange of my exemption for settlement and closure, which I hereby authorize under exemption number <EIN number of strawman>.
  7. I request that any and all charging instruments in this matter affecting the undersigned be accepted by you under your signature for and in the behalf of the undersigned and returned to this court for settlement and closure forthwith. If my signature is required on the acceptance, I request that these instruments be delivered to me forthwith for my signature. I request that you direct that these signed and noted instruments be filed on the public side of this court’s record.
  8. If this court fails to issue an appearance bond to the undersigned under the requested terms of the above paragraph 3, I request that you notify the court publicly of my acceptance of the court’s dishonor, and I will presume based upon that dishonor that the appearance bond is in FACT issued to the undersigned to secure the undersigned’s participation in this matter, or that you will direct my own bond to be filed publically in the record based on the court’s dishonor.
  9. I request that you ask the judge in this matter in open court if he has sworn an oath of office, and if he answers in the affirmative, I further request that you ask the judge in this matter to publicly take judicial notice of the oath of office of the judge in this matter to provide to me a remedy in law.
  10. Attached hereto is an AFFIDAVIT OF NEGATIVE AVERMENT executed by the undersigned. I request that you forthwith cause this original affidavit to be filed into this court on the public side of the record with the acceptances for value and the returns for value discussed in paragraph 7, so that the court will have the benefit of the old common law pleading of confession and avoidance.
  11. I request that you direct the court to take mandatory judicial notice of the instruments tendered for public filing in the court in paragraphs 7 and 10 herein and to enter these filings into evidence at an oral hearing in behalf of the undersigned.
  12. I request that you direct the court to take mandatory judicial notice of the documents the state acquired from <list any evidence that the state might have in its possession that provides true facts to the proceedings to rebut any assumptions, presumptions, or conclusions in the charging instruments-.
  13. I do not expect that your kind services be provided without consideration. Please provide for me an invoice so that I may accept and return said invoice for value and direct that the exemption <of the strawman> be used as consideration in exchange for these services.
  14. I request that any other service that you perform for the undersigned in this matter be approved by the undersigned before said performance be undertaken.

With sincerest appreciation,

Mary Jane Doe, offender And agent for defendant




<Name of Prosecuting Atty>, PROSECUTING ATTY <Address of Prosecuting Atty>

<City>, MI 4xxxx

CLERK OF COURTS <Name of Court>

<Address of Clerk of Courts>

<City>, MI 4xxxx.

HONORABLE <Name of Judge>, <Title>

<Name of Court>

<Address of Judge>.

<City>, MI 4xxx





Note that with the above Letter Rogatory, you are sending the original to the appointed attorney for the strawman. But there are copies going to the Clerk, the Judge, and the Prosecuting Attorney. There is a reason for this. The proper pleading is a confession and avoidance. This is an old common law pleading. The confession is essentially the “acceptance for value and return for value”. The “avoidance” is the evidence in FACT that your new attorney buddy will put before the court to “avoid the assumptions and presumptions and conclusions of law and fact” upon which the equity court is relying “in good faith”- along with your ignorance, to find your strawman guilty of the charges. Time does not permit a complete explanation of this process here.

The copies of the Letter Rogatory to the Judge, Prosecuting Attorney, and Clerk, may be sent by Proof of Mailing from the post office or Certified Mail so that receipt by them can be brought forth as evidence in fact if necessary.

If the appointed attorney carries out the draft request of the Letter Rogatory, he has indeed carried out his duties for which he is an appointed officer of the court. If he does not carry out his duties, then the clerk, the judge, and the prosecutor are all witnesses that he is incompetent and violated all of his oaths and duties for which he joined the bar [the foreign court officers roster]. If the appointed attorney violates his oaths and duties, he can be made liable for the losses and debts of the living sole by way of his dishonor of your draft request, if the living sole is punished for “charges” to which the attorney did not bring an adequate and substantive defense as per the living sole’s request. Furthermore, the Clerk, the Judge, and the Prosecuting Attorney have all taken oaths to make sure that the attorney does his job. Now that they are told what his job is, they had better see that he does it or else they are also in violation of their oaths of office to their foreign courts.

The reason that most attorneys say that any correspondence between them and their client is confidential is so that the attorney can help conceal the nature of the “test” going on here. The Letter Rogatory is a private letter, but it is not a secret letter. Romans 13 said it best. “Those who do right do not have to fear the rulers; only those who do wrong

fear them. Do you want to be unafraid of the rulers? Then do what is right, and they will praise you [in private- not public]. The ruler is God’s servant to help you. But if you do wrong, then be afraid. He has the power to punish; he is God’s servant to punish those who do wrong. So you must yield to the government, not only because you might be punished, but because you know it is right.”

If this article is too much meat, do not write to me and discuss the fact that you are only interested in milk. You need to pray on the options that have been given to you. If the attorney to who you have extended the draft does not carry it out in fact before the court, it does not mean that the court and the attorney in private are not carrying out your wishes, if in fact you can remain in honor to them and the court. You have the attorned the attorney into a lawyer under private international law. I have seen it work many times with incredible results. May YHWH bless you abundantly.