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“Private Side Solutions is dedicated to educating its members about how to conduct their own commercial affairs privately without the jurisdiction of the corporate UNITED STATES."

Yusef El

Yusef El / Instructor- Secured Party 

Why should I become private?

You have a right to privacy.

The organic constitution for the United States of America protects your right to privacy. Unfortunately, many people no not have a good understanding of what that means. All Law is with public or private

Your birth certificate is a bond.

The birth certificate represents the title to your property (labor) and can be used as collateral to guarantee a bond.

A  private trust is your best avenue for estate protection.

Creating a private common law trust and learning how to administer the trust to protect your privacy is a strategy employed by the elite.

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Main Benefits of the Secured Party Course

Becoming a Secured Party is one of the most intelligent decisions you could ever make!

The system you live in is commercial and governed by delegated authority of the corporate UNITED STATES pursuant to Article 1 Section 8 Clause 3 and Article 1 Section 8 CLause 17. Everything in your society today is commercial so you must learn the nature of the system and how to operate within it.


Understanding Negotiable Instruments; Bond, Bills of Exchange, and Promissory                   Notes.

In order to effectively conduct your commercial affairs privately, all secured parties are expected to know how to construct a negotiable instrument properly.


Private Banking

As a Secured Party you are a PRIVATE BANKER. You must understand how to set up a private account and reach agreements with the UNITED STATES to circulate instruments within this foreign jurisdiction.


Obtaining a status that is conducive to exercising your God giving rights.

Your inalienable rights are on the private side so you must learn how to operate privately to avoid minimum contacts with the government.


Understanding how the legal system operates.

The court systems in american are not common law courts. They are legislative article one tribunals operating under the presumption of a maritime contract. YOu must learn how to sever this contracts and dissolve the nexus with a jurisdiction that does not operate in your favor.

 Yusef El 


 "I created this site because privacy is more than just filing paperwork. Privacy is learning how to conduct your affairs"

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