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VEHICLE REPOSSESSION I. INTRODUCTION TO VEHICLE REPOSSESSION A vehicle purchase contract is among the most basic and common contracts in the United States. When the buyer has to borrow money to pay for the car, certain universal contract terms will govern the transaction. The most basic principal is that the entity which provides the financing, […]

The Law

The Law [Editor’s Note – This section is not intended to give the reader the tools to fully understand the scope and nature of the laws under which the states and the federal government operate. That goal takes years to achieve and I doubt any single resource could make a significant contribution to that end. […]

Jean Keating Transcript-Securitization 101

Securitization Jack Smith Jean Keating Transcript “Securitization is Illegal”, – It is only illegal for private corporations. Securitization: The process of homogenizing financial instruments into fungible securities, so that they are sellable on the securities market. When you sign a mortgage note it comes under UCC Article 3. After securitization, it comes under Article 8. […]


JEAN KEATING’S PRISON TREATISE November 30, 2004 The courts are operating under Statute Law. A “Statute” is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary, Fourth Edition revised as a kind of bond or obligation of record, being an abbreviation for “statute merchant” or “statute staple”. Statute-merchant = is defined as a security for a debt acknowledged to […]


USING THE ATTORNEY AS A PRIVATE LAWYER UNDER PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW. I have been studying law for about 30 years as a hobby. I used to believe, as so many so-called Patriots have, that the “government” and “attorneys” and “judges” are doing things wrong and violating the law and the “constitution”. How ignorant I was. […]

Postal Power

Postal Power The UPU (Universal Postal Union) in Berne, Switzerland, is an extremely significant organization in today’s world. It is formulated by treaty. No nation can be recognized as a nation without being in international admiralty in order to have a forum common to all nations for engaging in commerce and resolving disputes. That is why […]

Palmore v. United States  411 U.S. 389 (1973)

Here is a rare case explaining Article 1 vs Article III. Pay attention to the words United States. This will challenge your reading skills. Palmore v. United States 411 U.S. 389 (1973) Annotate this Case Syllabus  | Case U.S. Supreme Court Palmore v. United States, 411 U.S. 389 (1973) Palmore v. United States No. 72-11 Argued […]

Private Attorney General Notes

Both statutes [RICO and Clayton Act] bring to bear the pressure of “private attorneys general” on a serious national problem for which public prosecutorial resources are deemed inadequate;  the mechanism chosen to reach the objective in both the Clayton Act and RICO is the carrot of treble damages.   [Agency Holding Corp. v. Malley-Duff & Associates] [107 S.Ct. 2759, 483 U.S. […]

Points and Authorities in Support of International Bill of Exchange

NOTICE NOTICE OF MEMORANDUM OF LAW-Points and Authorities in Support of International Bill of Exchange “Those who constitute an association nationwide of private, unincorporated persons engaged in the business of banking to issue notes against these obligations of the United States due them; whose private property is at risk to collateralize the government’s debt and […]


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