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Jean Keating Transcript-Securitization 101

Securitization Jack Smith Jean Keating Transcript “Securitization is Illegal”, – It is only illegal for private corporations. Securitization: The process of homogenizing financial instruments into fungible securities, so that they are sellable on the securities market. When you sign a mortgage note it comes under UCC Article 3. After securitization, it comes under Article 8. […]


JEAN KEATING’S PRISON TREATISE November 30, 2004 The courts are operating under Statute Law. A “Statute” is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary, Fourth Edition revised as a kind of bond or obligation of record, being an abbreviation for “statute merchant” or “statute staple”. Statute-merchant = is defined as a security for a debt acknowledged to […]

Why Homeowners In Foreclosure Proceedings May Need To Remove Their Cases To Federal Courts

   REMOVING CASES TO FEDERAL COURT – A CHECKLIST Defendants in consumer foreclosure or finance cases regularly “remove” cases filed against them in state court to federal court. This post discusses the process of removal, including the factors defendants should consider before deciding to remove a case to federal court. It sets forth a step by step […]