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  1. Bijah Bey

    Hey Yusef this is brian i just order the secured party ultimate package but i put the wrong ZIP CODE the correct ZIP is 39817. NOT 39717 my order # is 1628

      1. Bijah Bey

        The name of the company that took the 300 dollars out of the accout from Alisia Smith was Highfrequency 2635 my name is Bijah Bey n the address to send it to was Brian Glenn 1031 Vada RD Bainbridge GA 39717 which is the wrong ZIP THE CORRECT ZIP IS 39817 I order the secured party ultimate package on OCT 30 2017 which was monday

          1. Bijah Bey

            i dont see it did u send it brianglenn721@yahoo.com hate to keep on bothering you bruh just tryn to get myself n my family right im from a small town n these beings are killn our pplz down here n doin all kindz of wayz in court bruh.

  2. Bijah Bey

    PEACE TO THE GODZ ! Watz gud Yusef first off let me thank u for all the info n services that u provide for us u r a gift thxz. I have a ? in Section B 2.4 The Affidavit of Tax-exempt Foreign Status sayz that I need three secured party witnesses autograph right. My ? is wat if i dont have 3 or no other secured parties doin this. Wat do I do just leave it blank or wat?

  3. Shannon Newby

    Greetings Yusef,
    I need a little clarity on the order of steps, Please. I noticed in one example that on the UCC 1 & 1ad they had claimed their EIN’s 45 & 98. Now in the steps to reclaim your rights manual those steps are after your first mailing to the treasury. Is that something that we can add with a UCC 3 or i need to get it before the 1st filing.

  4. Gladstone Robinson Jr


    I appreciate everything that you are doing.

    I made a purchase from private side solutions.com on 11/24/17 for $37.50. Covering the Birth Certificate Template as well as the Discharging Debt Template during your Black Friday sale.

    Unfortunately I haven’t received what I purchased as of yet.

    Can you tell me when I’ll receive them?

    Thank you for all y’all do!

    Gladstone Robinson Jr

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